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My name is Carrie Andersen and I think a lot about technology and culture.

I received my Ph.D. in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, where my research focused on technology, media, and politics.

I am also committed to public engagement and outreach, chiefly through digital media. For five years, I was a digital communications strategist and editor for the Department of American Studies, responsible for managing several of our digital media sites (some of which I created) and developing outreach strategies to communicate department research and teaching to a public audience. In addition, I have served on the editorial board for two digital publications: Flow and The End of Austin, and currently manage the digital media outreach strategy for “Digital Self-Defense,” a new podcast that teaches listeners how to keep themselves (and their data) safe online and dissects major current events in the cybersecurity realm (see: Equifax, Facebook, Russia…).

In my spare time, I volunteer as an activity leader with Girlstart, a nonprofit that encourages girls to pursue interests and careers in STEM fields through informal science education programs in order to promote gender equity. My hobbies include playing indie video games, watching stand-up comedy, reading, cooking, cookie decorating, and hosting board game nights with friends. I also run a mildly popular Instagram account for my sweet Welsh corgi, Butters.