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My name is Carrie Andersen and I research and analyze the culture and politics of emerging security technologies and practices.

I received my Ph.D. in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin in 2017, where I studied the intersections of technology, media, and emotion. My dissertation on drone technology in American culture was awarded the 2017 Michael H. Granof Award from the University Coop and Office of Graduate Studies, which recognizes the top dissertation at UT across all schools and colleges.

My research and teaching interests span a variety of fields:

  • media studies (emphasis on game studies/new media)
  • technology and culture
  • security landscapes in America
  • American political and cultural history
  • gender, media, and technology
  • public scholarship
  • digital humanities

Beyond my research, I am committed to public scholarship and outreach beyond the academy. For five years, I was a digital communications strategist and administrator for the Department of American Studies, responsible for managing our digital media platforms developing outreach strategies to communicate department research and teaching with a broad public audience. In this role, I also gained skills in digital writing and editing, web design, content management systems, press relations, and collaboration with faculty, students, and staff members on group design and editorial initiatives. Along similar lines, in my spare time, I volunteer as an activity leader with Girlstart, a nonprofit that encourages girls to pursue interests and careers in STEM fields through informal science education programs in order to promote gender equity.